Travel Guide: Sagada, Mt. Province, Philippines

The movie “That Thing Called Tadhana” opened our thoughts to the town Sagada (or is it just me?)

Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins. It is a tradition by Igorots which still continues to this day, where they bury their deceased loved ones by hanging the tree trunk carved coffin at the edge of a cliff. 

Popular activities in Sagada includes trekking, exploring both caves and waterfalls, spelunking, bonfires, picnics, rappelling on limestones, visiting historical sites, rock climbing, nature hikes, and participating in tribal celebrations. 

Sagada is a small and quiet town where adventure and relaxation meets.


How to get there:

From Banaue:
Ride a jeepney or a van going to Bontoc. The jeepney takes too long to get full so better ride a van which only costs ₱150.00 each, the trip is around 2 hours.

The van then will drop you off to the jeepney terminal in Bontoc going straight to Sagada. The jeepney fare only costs ₱20.00 and will take you around 30-45 minutes to get there. The jeepney will drop off to the city proper of Sagada.


Where to stay:

Most of the hotel rates in Sagada ranges from ₱200.00 up to ₱350.00. We stayed in Sagada Residential Lodge. They offer hot shower, comfortable beds, and unlimited free coffee 🙂 You can visit their website at

For a complete list of accommodations in Sagada, click the link below by

Sagada Accomodation: Cheap Lodges, Rooms, Lodges, Inns, Pension Houses, Hotels


What to do:

Cave Connecting

There are a lot of activities to do in Sagada but we decided to do activities that we have not yet seen or experienced before because we only have limited time. On our first day, we went spelunking in Lumiang cave and Sumaguing Cave (Cave Connecting)


Trekking down the Lumiang Cave



Some of the coffins may seemingly look small for a full-grown adult and thought that it was for a child’s body. The dead person is placed in the coffin in its fetal position on the belief that during death, the person returns to its fetal birth position

Cave connecting is very challenging, there are a lot of twist turns, rope assisted descents and climbs. But I took the challenge even if it was my first time (everyone else can do it too!). It is better to trek barefoot because its quite slippery and the rocks are not pointy. We finished the cave connecting for 2.5 hours.

Echo Valley

We just chilled on our second day in Sagada, then on our last day we visited echo valley to see the hanging coffins. Going to the site of the hanging coffins, we passed by the Sagada Cemetery, the cemetery of their deceased in this generation.


One of the Fallen 44, PO3 Noel O. Golocan


The hanging coffins

Seeing the hanging coffins is kind of creepy and interesting at the same time. We can see how Igorots value and preserve their tradition up to this day. The most recent deceased that was buried in a hanging coffin was in year 2012.

Sagada has many natural wonders, other places that can be visited are:

  • Pongas Falls
  • Kiltepan Peak
  • Mt. Ampacao
  • Lake Danum
  • Underground River
  • Bokong Falls
  • Demang Village
  • Marlboro Mountain
  • Balanggagan Cave
  • Natividad Cave
  • Crystal Cave
  • Mount Polis Trek
  • Mount Sisipitan 

Sagada Genuine Guide Association Inc. or SAGGAS is trusted in assisting tourists regarding tours and queries about Sagada. For further details, visit their website


Map of activities in Sagada


Another thing I like about Sagada is the food!

The restaurants serves great tasting food in a very affordable price. 


Sagada brew is my favorite. They serve good pasta,  salad, awesome smoothies, nice desserts and unlimited lemon water. Their Carbonara and Chicken Pesto is a must try! I haven’t tried their coffee though, but I heard it’s really good!




Yoghurt house is a little pricey than Sagada Brew but the amount of serving is big. Try their omelettes for breakfast, it will surely make your day!



The first time I tried a lemon pie and I loved it! They also serve a very good adobo! Yes adobo in a lemon pie house, it’s awesome! I also like the ambiance of this restaurant, it’s quiet and relaxing.


French Crêpes


Cheap and tasty crêpe! Since I loved the lemon pie at Lemon Pie House, I tried the honey and lemon crepe, it was good as well! 


Other Trip Schedules to Sagada:

Sagada – Baguio (GL/LIZARDO BUS)

Bus Fare: P220.00 (5 hours)

Morning Trips

1st Trip

6:00 A.M

2nd Trip

7:00 A.M

3rd Trip

8:00 A.M

4th Trip

9:00 A.M

5th Trip

10:00 A.M

6th Trip

11:30 A.M

Afternoon Trip

Last Trip

1:00 P.M.


  1. 6th Trip in the morning is NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE. It depends on the availability of bus.
  2. Trips usually starts ahead of schedule is the seating capacity is full
  3. No booking/reservations. First come, first served.

Sagada – Bontoc

Bus Fare: P45.00 (40minutes)

Morning Trips

1st Trip

6:30 A.M

2nd Trip

7:00 A.M

3rd Trip

7:30 A.M

4th Trip

8:00 A.M

5th Trip

8:30 A.M
6th Trip

9:00 A.M

7th Trip

10:00 A.M

8th Trip

11:00 A.M

9th Trip

12:00 Noon

Afternoon Trip

Last Trip

1:00 P.M.

NOTE: Trips usually starts ahead of schedule is the seating capacity is full


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